Sharing Secure Information with a Virtual Bookkeeper

The biggest issue in hiring a bookkeeping virtual assistant is sharing the numbers without actually disclosing sensitive information or giving direct access to your financial accounts, bank accounts, or credit card accounts.

To begin with, you don’t know this person. And being a new employee means that you don’t have much basis on their character, so you can’t really tell if he or she is trustworthy.

This understandably makes you reluctant to give anything away. But you still need your bookkeeping done, otherwise, you’ll have to do it yourself.

At this point, your choices seem to be limited to either sharing your information and accounts or spending hours doing the financial analysis yourself.

Worry not because we found the solution that allows you to share your financial records and transactions while keeping your personal accounts safe and secure. There is a platform called Tiller Money and what it does is essentially hook all your accounts to it and push all the raw transactions to a Google Sheet.

I have a background in Finance so I know that all you’ll really need are the raw transactions and information. We actually have a bookkeeper from the Philippines — a virtual assistant, and she handles everything for us. Our P&Ls, monthly performance reports, and any financial analysis work are done by our bookkeeping VA. And because we’re working through Tiller Money, she has access to all those data without actually having direct access to any of our accounts.

Tiller Money is the software solution that we found that allows us to share our numbers and information in a secure manner, allowing our bookkeeper to create financial reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. And we’re incredibly happy as a result.

The one thing we give our bookkeeper access to is payroll information because I’ve actually tasked her to run payroll for us. That’s it. When it comes to giving her access to our financial accounts, she doesn’t have that access because all the information is coming from Tiller Money — our working solution for securely sharing all our numbers to a virtual assistant who lives in another country.

At this point, I actually do trust her and wouldn’t mind giving her access to everything. But when you’re just starting out with a new employee, you probably want to start off slow especially since you don’t know if you could trust this person to begin with.

Tiller Money is a great solution for that. It costs $79 per year which is about $6 a month, which you can’t really beat for having peace of mind and still getting all your bookkeeping, accounting, finance work, and payroll done on a consistent and efficient basis.

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I’m the CEO at Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency where we provide premium outsourcing solutions to businesses looking to grow.